It all starts with the family.  We must fight the sense of entitlement. As Americans we are privileged to live in the greatest country in the world, so let’s teach our children that there was a reason for our greatness. It was the ambitious, hard-working patriots who were determined to being the best at everything. Successful societies start with the smallest unit - a successful family. I believe that a traditional family is the ideal environment to raise morally healthy children.


Michigan's economy has bounced back from the “lost decade” of Democrat control in Lansing, but we still have progress to make.  Smart economic policies will keep our families and small businesses here in Macomb County. Adding new jobs, providing tax relief to start-up and small businesses and easing regulations must be among our top priorities.


Our Constitution is based on Judeo-Christian values. I will work hard to protect those values and fight for the rights our Founding Fathers secured for us. As a life member of the National Rifle Association, I will protect our right to bear arms. Guns in the hands of the good guys keeps the bad guys away. Gun control should mean collecting illegal guns from criminals.


We must repeal Obamacare and open up health care to the free market. This will increase competition, reduce rates and lower costs for patients.


Students continue to struggle with overburdening loans. As a college graduate and father of two children in Utica Community Schools, I greatly value our education system.  Education is a fundamental foundation in every person’s life. Proper funding for schools is essential. We must empower teachers and compete with other nations by enhancing our teaching and curriculum


Senior citizens are too often neglected and do not get the support they deserve.  I will treat all seniors as I do with my own parents -- with dignity, are and respect. That is why I will fight to repeal the Senior Pension Tax.


Every Republican seems to talk about reducing taxes, but I will let my actions speak for me. As a fiscal conservative, I will reduce budgets, demand transparency and cut corporate welfare.